• GET 50000 Gems Every Day

    1. Do you know, how important gems in the game clash of clans?
    -to buy Builder
    -to accelerate raise the level
    Accelerating build buildings, walls, etc
    so it does not require a relatively long time, until for days.
    2. How to get Gems
    As we know, that the gems that exist in the game Clash of Clans is not easy to get it, yes indeed
    there are other ways to get it but to buy it, the price offered by the Clash of Clans is quite
    expensive in my opinion. So in this article, I will give way and tricks to get free gems on the
    game clash of clans.
          –Finished Achievement
    Achievement is an appreciation of what we have done. Achievement in the game Clash of Clans
    own assortment of like getting a lot Trophy, Resource steal from another village and much
    more. If you‘ve successfully completed the achievement existing one, you will receive some
    gems for free.
           –break Obstacles
    Obstacles is a plant or a stone that appears randomly when we were playing. The place and the
    type of obstacles that arise diverse and random, so we can not predict where they will appear.
    However, you do not need to bother with the advent of the obstacle. Because plants and rocks
    that appear when we destroy, we will get a few gems. So, do not forget to destroy every
    obstacle course in your village.
             Harvesting Gem Box
    Gem Box is a mysterious Obstacles very rarely appeared in the village. Unlike the usual
    Obstacles that when we harvest we only get a maximum of 6 Gems. In Gem Box, we can get
    more Gem. However, Gem Box appears very rarely, maybe that’s why Gems obtained more
    than other Obstacle.
           And now I will tell you that there is a tool called an “ONLINE GENERATOR 2015
                                                     (NO need to install the tool)
                                        UPDATE !!!! (31 JAN)
    NOW ,can produce 50000 gems every 3 HOURS at  03.00 ,06.00,09.00 ,12.00 UTC+1 time

    zone (AM/PM) . So pay attention to the time zone and is limited to 50 people per produce.

             if you get  1000 gems course, you want to use for what? up to you,of course.

                                       FOLLOW STEP BY STEP TO FINISH .
                                                    GRAB IT FAST  !!!!!
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    I hope you are one of the lucky ones. if this day
    can not be, maybe tomorrow is your luck.

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