• Clash Of Clan Strategy (2)

    clash of clan

    clash of clan strategy

    1.Patience, save your gems
    Gems that use a lot of, can to speed up the process (making the building, preparing troops, etc. Subject to accelerate the process, this is really tempting. Because the longer you play, the resources needed and the construction time will increase. Do not let you be tempted. Save Gems you get really needed. Now I‘m waiting to 500 to be able to build Builder‘s Hut third. build only with two builder‘s hut was slow, hehe We recommend using Gems to make the building a limited time availability. in essence, play with wait, do not waste your Gem just to speed up the process. If you are tired of waiting for too long development time, play some kind of game. for example, Candy Crush Saga, Tapped Out, Samurai Siege, or Total Conquest. Play in turns. Hehe or, return to work or your family. Seriously!

    2.Attack only once had troops
    The way you build cities will depend on how you describe your personal. Are you the type of people who are concerned with the defense and the size of the city? Or are you the type who prefers acting aggressive offensively than sit and think about how your legs swing make your city safer, beautiful, and great? Hmmm . Whatever your personality, one in Clash of Clans thing you must remember: attacks with the right type of force to get the resource faster than building a high-level mines and produces gold and elixir waiting for your city.

    3.Building a great city defense
    Defense your city depending on how you place the building and build a wall around it. Tips like this:

    a. place the storage building and the elixir of gold in the most sheltered
    b.use mortar as a main weapon, placed in the middle
    c.use the canon and around the tower to ward off attacks
    d.create a wall to protect any building, instead of a circular wall for all buildings
    e.position defense weapon as much as possible to cover as much as possible of the building
    f. powerful weapon placed in the middle of the city
    g.place relatively less important buildings outside. Defense system so that you have time to shoot them

    4.Build alliances with other cities

    When you have a nice city level, and you‘ve completed the single player levels, rebuild your
    castle, it‘s time you joined with other players. Not only do as you will add a lot of friends (and
    enemies), but with a relationship with another player you will be able to get a lot of advantages.
    All you have to understand is, do not expect assistance cuman, you also have to help other
    players. You will be part of a team. Do not hesitate to ask for advice from other players. Most of
    it is in English, so this is also a great opportunity to practice using English. No need to be
    ashamed, because they do not know you, haha

    5.Select a city to be attacked
    It is always challenging. But you should note the following points, so that you are spending to
    build troops are not useless and produce resource and a trophy to the fullest.a.preview resource owned by the city that you will attack it. If cuman bit, skip it. Because

    once your troops deployed, would win or lose, you force it will not come back, so you have to
    continue to build troops
         b.see the level of the Town Hall of the city. Select the medium. If her height, or much higher
    than the level of your city, the possibility of victory so small. If desperate select Goblins are the
    focus of attack resource.
         c.see the city’s defense. If they are a good defense of the placement of weapons, then you
    should use a strong army and have special abilities. Then look at the place that is not too
    sheltered or relatively open to attack first.
         d.Do not place your troops in a place that can reach two or more opposing defense weapon.
    Would be futile.
         e.You can try and build instinct to finish the singleplayer mode first. Later you will know
    what must be won by the number and type of the same troops to attack a particular city.
         f.If you‘re looking for a resource, send Goblins as much. If you are looking for a trophy, send
    troops with a good combination. Try the one.
    g.Remember that you do not have control over your forces so they deployed the command to
    attack. They will choose their own.


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