• Play Clash of Clans Strategy You Must Know

    Clash of Clans (COC) strategy game that tells a quiet battle between clans in the past. In this
    game, you will act as the head where you have to build a village and make troops to protect the
    village or to attack another village. This game is quite difficult for those not used to playing a
    strategy game genre. Therefore, this time Jake will give you tips and tricks in the play Clash of
    Use Gems to buy builder
    clash of clan strategy

    clash of clan strategy


    The biggest challenge to play casual free-to-play gameis the currency premium. Premium currency in this game is the Gems”. Gems can be obtained free of charge when we complete each mission there, but it is very difficult to obtain.

    At the beginning of this game, you will be given 2 builder for free. However, to get a third builder is not easy, it took 500 gems to get it. So, do not use gems have you get to shorten the time of making your building. Use gems that you have to buy a builder or worker. Due to the many workers we can make the building more.

    clash of clan strategy

    clash of clan strategy

    If you already have a lot of troops, do not hesitate to attack other villages. Due to attack another village, you will get a lot of Elixir Gold or Gold Mine or Elixir Collector that can be used to build the village. Do not forget to upgrade the gold mine and the collector that you have earned gold and elixir can fit everything.
    Given attack is important in Clash of Clans elixir sure that you get always spent doing research in the Laboratory. By doing research then you will produce powerful forces that will easy ransacked the headquarters of the enemy and steal their resources. If your storage is full then you will be easier to upgrade this and it as you wish.

    Complete Achievements

    clash of clan strategy

    clash of clan strategy

    Achievements in Clash of Clans own diverse as gold storage upgrade, get 50 stars, steal gold or elixir and others. By completing Achievements, you will receive a prize gems that can be used to add to the builder.

    Join the Clan Other

    clash of clan strategy

    clash of clan strategy

    By joining with another clan, you will get more information about how to make you stronger. Share “troopand get a “troopis a way that you can grow more quickly in this game. If friends are there in your clan share a strong troop, you will be able to survive when your village is attacked.


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