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    Okay, now you have the desire to play the latest games Supercell, Boom Beach. However, on the one hand you may also be reluctant to play this game, because IAP his little disturbing. Well, if that’s the case, then through this article I will share some tips and tricks that you can use so that you can be one of the players that will be taken into account in the game Boom Beach without using IAP slightest.

    I do not belong to the list of some antipathy toward the IAP. Even recently, I was fully conscious when buying IAP in Smash Hit game. My principle is if I can personally working on it without IAP, then why should use the IAP. So it should be noted, I am not stingy, I just do not want to shell out only: D

    I’m not going to promise that you will be the Top Player after reading these tips and tricks. Even to this day, I am only able to fill the second position in the Top Local Player. But one thing I can confirm that, through this article you will always have the ability to compete with other top players who may be among them many who use IAP, while you are not using this IAP altogether. Excited? Good, Let’s get started.bckg

            Vault is the key!

    When talking about Boom Beach, meaning we will talk about the resource. Talking about the resource will lead us to talk about how to keep the resource as possible. Keeping resource as much as possible in Boom Beach, meaning we will need one type of building that serves to keep all kinds of resources that Vault.

     Yep you to focus on building upgrades Vault you have. Higher levels of Vault that you have, the
    smaller is also a resource that can be captured by your enemies. Now let’s do a simple
    calculation, for example Vault which you have already at level 13 which is able to protect your
    total resource by 75%.

    Think of it as a total resource (gold, wood, stone and iron) which ye have of 1,000,000, it is a

    resource that can be captured by the enemy who attacked the island you only 250,000 of the
    total resource. While the rest will always be stored safely inside the base.

    Another reason why Vault is very important for you to upgrade as much as possible is the island

    that became the base you will not be protected by a shield like the Clash Of Clans. So whenever
    and anyone can easily attack your base.
           Make sure you always have the latest and most sophisticated defense equipment

    You already know how important function Vault in the island. Furthermore, you should think

    about is how to keep our island that has the ability to survive the enemy attack. The only way is
    up and upgraded platforms (Main Tool Defense System) on the island you
    So there is an option in the shop to buy a new defense weapon, then do not hesitate to buy
    these weapons. Maximize the weapon upgrades with all the resources you have. After all
    defense equipment in the maximum level, then we should think about what we need to further
           Beware of upgrades syndrome headquarters

    Most people who first played always wanted his Headquarter is located at the maximum level in

    this game. But it is in the end is the only reason that causes us to be very addictive with IAP in it.
    The new headquarters will always be added by the developer as the number of players who
    already have Headquarter at the maximum level.

    So remember the adage of the wise, the sky above the sky is still there. Instead we did upgrade

    the building will continue to have one level above us, it would be wise for you and your wallet to
    focus armaments and vault upgrade you have rather than upgrading the headquarters of which
    are endless.
            Relax goings resource base

    In the game Boom Beach, you will have the opportunity to get the islands that will produce one

    type of resource, and the island will always send their resources to the island that became the
    base you.

    The problem is, you are the resource base could be taken by other players that are sometimes

    far above your level. The choice is only 2, reclaim the resource base or let it go, but while still
    depriving resource of the island belongs to someone else.
    I personally prefer the second option. I‘ll let someone take my resource base, because I would
    prefer to seize the resource of the island other players who are more numerous than the
    results of the resource base. In other words, Rob is more profitable than keeping the
    resource“. But remember, this principle should only be used in this game you and you should
    not use in the real world.
           Important is the upgrade Gold Mine, Mine Wood etc?

    The answer is no. I myself still let all kinds of building mine I was at level 7, although

    Headquarters that I have allowed my mine upgraded up to level 10. The lower the level of mine
    owned, meaning only a few resources that will be generated from the mine. The principle is still
    the same, robbing much more profitable than keeping or generate their own resources.
           Do achievement to get gem

    It took a lot of gem if you want an instant to be the greatest player in the game Boom Beach.

    Meanwhile, the only way to get a gem in considerable amounts without using IAP is to do the
    Do achievement as gold storage upgrade to level 10 which, if successful you will get 30 gem as
    his reward, or perhaps you are also able to clear all the trees and rocks on the island you to
    re-acquire 30 gem as a reward.

    The amount is not much, but it would always be sufficient if the gem you use only to buy less
    resources to pay for the upgrade of a type of building.
           There is strength in numbers !!

    Far different from Clash Of Clans, in Boom Beach you do not have the ability to ask for troops in

    the clan. You will fight alone here. While the number of troops will greatly affect you win or
    defeat in a war.

    The first trick to excel in the number of troops is always upgraded landing craft (a place to put

    troops) you. The larger landing craft, the more troops you can also take it when you want to
    attack another island.
    After having a large landing craft, second trick is to determine what kind of troops would you
    bring to the fight. Boom Beach provides 6 kinds of forces are riflemen, heavy, zooka, warrior,
    tank and also a medic. Let’s take the example of heavy. Heavy has a large HP characteristics, but
    low attack speed. In addition, 1 heavy also has a fairly large unit sizes are 4 slots in the landing

    What happens when you only have four landing craft that each landing craft has only 8 slots?

    Yep, totally means you are only able to carry 8 heavy into a war zone. Amount will be easily
    defeated by the island which has a defense equipment in large quantities.

    So it would be better to choose the type of force that has a small unit size (such as riflemen for

    example), so it will produce a number of forces are more plentiful and cheap in a single battle.
             Know thyself, but understand your enemy

    Now you already know exactly how to attack in large numbers. But in war, usually the strategy

    will be much more important than quantity. So before attacking an island other players, choose
    a scout beforehand and do not directly attacked. By choosing scout you will be able to know
    what kind of force is appropriate to bring to attack the island.
    For example, the island has a weapons system with a rocket launcher in large numbers, can you
    beat with a heavy or tanks. But when you attack the island who want to have more number of
    sniper tower and cannon, the riflemen will be more favored than the amount.
            Learn from defeat. Watch Replay!

    No base is too strong to be defeated, everything will definitely have a weak point respectively.

    So do not ever stop to learn from mistakes when you destroyed the island of other players.
    Take your time to learn which parts of the base that you have the most vulnerable to attack by
    the enemy to watch replays. In addition, you should never get bored to reset the base you, until
    you think you have the most secure base from enemy attack.
             Fill your island with statue

    Statue (Statue) in Boom Beach also has a role no less important. Each statue will have a specific

    function that when you combine, will generate considerable profit for you. There is a function to
    add health of all types of buildings on the island that you have, there is a function to add health
    of the troops, and there is also a statue which serves to increase the amount of resources that
    you won in a war.
    So always multiply the number of images you have, and that is not less important is to combine
    different types of sculptures in accordance with their respective functions you need.
               Finally, if you really need a Diamond, wood, gold get here.

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