• What Is CLash Of Clan?

    clash of clan

    clash of clan (COC)

    For those not too familiar with the Clash of Clans, in a nutshell is this:

    you will be assigned to lead a city built with golden elixir and obtained from mines
    in the beginning you will have two workers to build the city
    the building is made by selecting the item and place it
    you can build troops to attack another city or fulfill quests
    city whose owners are active can not be attacked. So you will not be notified if there is a strike you as long as you are active’ play. Your city can only be attacked if there is no active shield, or you are not being open

    can do a clan war
    when you are attacked, do not be afraid to run out of the building you are not left. The more that is destroyed, you will get a free bonus shield comparable to the percentage of the destruction of your city. You do not lose anything, except the resource and trophy.

    Sounds easy huh? Yes, it is simple, but how you can build a city, build army, attack other cities, and build a clan together quickly and efficiently? Of course there are the tips of his right? Read on ….


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